All classes are held at Camp Pollock. There is a map to that location at the bottom of this page. In the rare time that Camp Pollock is not available we will move the class to our Howe Avenue River Access or Discovery Park location. You will be emailed the week of the class should that be necessary.


Paddle and Play

Are you ready to experience what all the excitement is about? Paddle & Play is the perfect session for learning proper technique or improving upon your current skills. Beginners to more seasoned paddlers. This session is great for everyone! We will teach you how to paddle properly, be safe and most importantly have fun! We understand that everyone learns at different speeds and we are experts at ensuring each paddler is achieving their full potential. For some that may be simply standing and moving forward and for others that may mean learning advanced turns. Every paddler will be given individualized attention and guidance on your personal adventure in learning to paddle properly. We play a lot of games designed to improve your skills and confidence. It’s learning disguised as FUN!

Kids 13 and over welcome! For younger children it is best to book a private paddle to ensure we can give them a proper exciting experience!

There is no better instruction in the Sacramento area. Our owner, Rob Macias, teaches every Paddle and Play session. He is a team ambassador for NSP Stand Up Paddle and is the only advanced paddler in the region offering instructional paddles. As an athlete that trains year-round, competes against the best paddlers in California and is always on the forefront of advanced paddling techniques, you may find confidence in knowing you are learning from a professional who lives, breaths and sleeps stand up paddling.

We can’t wait to take you to a perfect state of FLOW on a stand up paddle board!

Time: 11:00 Please arrive 15 minutes early to get organized

Class Dates: Saturdays -

May 11th & 25th June 8th & 22nd July 6th & 20th August 3rd, 17th & 31st September 14th & 28th


$45 with board rental

$30 with your own board

Board Needs:
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These sessions are similar to the beginner sup class except that you will be taught in a private setting at your own pace. In a private lesson we can work on your specific needs and address your personal strengths and weaknesses in turn maximizing your learning potential. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced level paddler we can take your paddling skills to the next level.

We also offer race training for those looking to use paddling as a form of fitness and improved health. Whether or not you want to race we can teach you how to train for speed and improved overall physical wellness. In these sessions you will be taught advanced skills but there will also be an emphasis on interval training, increasing endurance and improving mobility. Contact us today for a phone consultation and let’s talk about what we can do to help you achieve new levels of your personal best!


Private sessions are scheduled at an agreed upon time that is convenient for you. Contact us to book. Sessions are 90 minutes


Individual - $125

Two People - $75 per person

Three People - $70 per person

Four People - $65 per person

* For bookings of 5 or more people, please click here to see information on private events

# of People:
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The beauty of stand up paddling is that it can be done in so many different forms. One of those forms is doing yoga while gliding on your board. Yes, it is a new challenge but by no means is it extremely difficult. The practice of SUP Yoga is different than a land based class. Poses are slowly progressed into and are started from the most stable of positions. When led by a certified professional, anyone can do SUP Yoga. 

We are fortunate to have the best instructor in the Sacramento region guiding our students through an amazing 75 minute experience. Summer Ward is an ACA certified SUP instructor, a Paddle Into Fitness Certified SUP Yoga instructor and her list of yoga only certifications is simply too long to list. She has been teaching SUP Yoga for four years. Her patient and easy going style not only makes students comfortable from the second they meet her but it also helps them to relax and get in tune with their own practice on the water. She’ll leave you smiling before, during and after every session. If you haven’t met her before you will quickly understand why she’s the best when you feel that glowing smile of hers. 


We are in the process of creating some special GLOW YOGA events for 2019. Dates to be released soon! Stay tuned!


$45 per person

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