There is nothing we love more than to celebrate life and we have a million ways to do it on a stand up paddle board! Whether you are looking to have a blissful float on the water or an adventurous day of fun, we are experts at making it all happen. Our team has been leading hours of awesomeness on the water for the last 4 years and we would love to create some magic for your special occasion. Give us a call. We can customize any day to fit your needs and look forward to the opportunity to do something special with you. And remember…we can turn any of our regular events into a private event for you as well. 


Sample Events:


Brunch to Lunch Float Party

Staring at beautiful Swabbies on The River, your group will warm up with a delicious meal and refreshments before getting on the water. Being up river from your next destination you can paddle or simply float your way down the beautiful Sacramento River before finishing at Crawdads on The River. Our guides will bring an inflatable floaty and tow an ice chest behind their boards to store water and any other refreshments you may want to bring. Pack the sunblock! This cruise is mellow and slow with plenty of time to laugh, fall, play and bask in the sun! 

  • Time on the water – 2 hours

  • Paddle Guides - 2

  • Shuttle service back to Swabbies can be provided as an option

  • This paddle can be done from lunch time to dinner as well.


Sunset Happy Hour

For those looking for a shorter paddle, light snacks and an epic sunset paddle to finish, this is the trip for you!  We will take you on a 40-minute paddle that begins roughly 2 hours before the sun sets. Along the way we will coach you on technique and assist you with you paddle stroke. Once we arrive at our destination, we will relax on a private reserved outdoor patio space and enjoy lights appetizers and refreshments for 30 minutes. Just before the sun sets we will get back in the water and paddle towards the glowing sun. Our journey back is more of a float as we will be cruising with the current. This is an event we do often and we are experts at timing it just right to maximize the bliss. Smile for the camera. Amazing photos are guaranteed to occur. 

  • Time on the water – Hour and a half

  • Paddle Guides – 1

Team Building / Fitness / Yoga

If you are looking for a more active event we can custom tailor a paddle session that includes all aspects of health and wellness into your day. These events can be as intense or as serene as your group desires. From a full on boot camp to a blissful yoga session and everything in between. We do these often and they are amazing! We love watching you thrive and have the experience to ensure you will be laughing and having fun along the way. Give us a call and let us put together the most fun you’ve ever had on the water for you and your group!

Birthdays, Bachelor / Bachelorette, Weddings, Girls Getaways, Kids Parties…Anything To Celebrate…WE ARE IN!


General Cost:

Because each event is different the pricing of a private event can vary.

Base Price: $60 per person. 5 person minimum. 2 hour event

* Please contact us to make a reservation.

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