Kids Camp Paddle & Play

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Kids Camp Paddle & Play


We adults can learn a lot from our children! Like how to play and belly laugh harder. Our team greatly looks forward to these special weeks with your little ones. They enrich our lives as we share our knowledge with them and they share their warm spirits with us.

Our camps are full of games, individual challenges, team building and of course learning how to stand up paddle. This is exercise and fun all wrapped into one! As they jump, swim, fall and get back up they will also be developing motor skills, agility and personal confidence. Every day will be full of different activities and they will surely float out of each one full of smiles and endorphins.

Sample Schedule:

9:00 – Warm up games & daily focus on land

9:30 – Skills development & individual challenges on water

10:00 – Games and team building on water

11:00 – Lunch break (Water and fruit provided. Please pack a lunch for your child)

11:45 – Group games on land

12:30 – Free play on water

1:00 – Parents pick up 



9:00am to 1:00pm (Please drop your children off no later than 8:45. We start promptly at 9:00)

* Life Jackets - We will provide them however if your child has their own it is best that they use it instead of ours. They will likely be a better fit and your child will be more comfortable in them. 


Price - $275

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