Our locations offer some of the best paddling in the Sacramento region. Surrounded by nature you are likely to encounter a variety of wildlife. Birds, river otters, turtles, fish and even the occasional deer are common sightings. This is paddling in the bliss of nature at its best. 


We use the best boards on the market and re-stock new gear yearly. Our life jackets are “fanny pack” style worn around your waist and inflate should you need it. Our paddles are lighter and made of higher quality materials than any rental company around. We live and breathe stand up paddle and it is all we do. With that in mind we offer our guests only the finest gear......so that your experience is second to none. 


Perhaps our greatest feature is our passion. We are the only 100% stand up paddle focused company in the Sacramento region. Run by professional stand up paddle athlete, Rob Macias, you will be always be given the best pre-paddle instruction and are guaranteed to learn something new on every outing. We want your experience to be amazing every time you join us and we will always go above and beyond to ensure it!



Camp Pollock & Howe Avenue River Access @ La Riviera Drive



Howe Avenue

Monday - Friday 12:00 to 6:00 

(Last board must be returned by 6:00)


* Click on red marker for directions.

Camp Pollock

Saturday & Sunday 12:00 to 6:00

(Last board must be returned by 6:00)



1 hour - $20

2 hours - $30

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* Bookings with less than 2 hours notice must call us directly. All rentals are made by appointment only. 

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